Sunflowers, Hydrangea, Snapdragon, Curly Willow - $99.50


Beautıful, CREATIVE & INNOVATIVE DESIGNS wıth flowers


ONE OF A KIND EVENTS Wıth unıque, Stunning flowers and Arrangements



Lustre D'automne  -$124.50

Magnificent white oriental lilies accompanied by fragrant roses and hydrangea completed with curly willow accents.
A dozen of astonishing red roses with pink wax and bear grass designed in a beautiful, long glass vase.


Flowers make people smile.  We should know, we've been making people smile in Wellington since 1999!

 Tell us "Who" you would like us to design beautiful flowers for and "Where" for flower delivery. Beyond that, it's up to you...if you know exactly what he/she would like or you want to leave it up to us, either way, you're in good hands. As your flower shop in Wellington, we'll take excellent care with your order and make sure to design your special order so it has just the impact you're looking for.  Whether we're designing for a celebration, a sympathy, a simple centerpiece or an elaborate gala, we bring our creativity, artistry and care to every floral arrangement... Nature's Bouquet - Premium Florist in Wellington, FL.

Birthday, Anniversary, Get well Flowers. Wedding Flowers. Funeral and Sympathy Flowers - Wellington​

Love-Fulfilling White Lilies - $125

Flower Delivery, Wellington and All of Palm Beach

Nature's Bouquet, A local Wellington Florist, provides local flower same-day delivery to Wellington and all of Palm Beach County, delivering beautiful flowers, plants, gourmet, gift baskets and more to Wellington, Palm Beach, Lake Worth, West Palm Beach, Royal Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Palm Beach Gardens and beyond. We are a flower shop in Wellington that is affiliated with an International Wire Service to satisfy all of your Worldwide Floral needs. 

We are happy to accommodate your Same Day deliveries in Wellington and beyond, whenever possible and we encourage you to call customer service ahead to schedule your delivery if your request is specific, to ensure availability of the product and/or variety you desire.

Two Dozen Long Stem Red Roses - $124.50

Spring Celebration - $75.00

Grandeur - $150.00

NB-MD16-4 Hydrangea, Lilies, and Roses. - $95

Bright & Mixed, Colorful Arrangement - $125

Tall, Elegant & Stunning - $350.00

Magnificent Blooms - $225.00

Rose, Orhids, Tulips, Lilies, Sunflowers, Hydrangeas, Narcissus,Tulips, Peony, Beautiful Flowers and many more... Wellington

Yellow Fantasy - One Dozen Yellow Roses - $124.50

Two Phaleonopsis Orchids, Ivy, Curly Willow, Moss, Specialty container

- $150

Miniature purple orchid plants designed in an 8 x 8 inch glass square.​
A stunning arrangement with 60 color roses designed to impress

Your Local Wellington Florist - Serving All of Palm Beach

Stunning two double stemmed phalaenopsis orchid plant.
Voluminous white hydrangea, and fragrant white oriental lilies along with white roses, orchids and calla lilies designed in a square vase. A flair of bear grass completes the look.

Dozen Long Stem Red Roses  $75

White hydrangea along with vibrant orange lilies are designed in a glass cube. Accents of orange roses and bright green bells of Ireland enhance the look.

Our flower shop does flower delivery to, Wellington, West Palm Beach, Royal Palm Beach, Lake Worth, Loxahatchee and all of Palm Beach. 

Amaryllis Planter  -$75.00

Amaryllis Planter with Christmas decor.

Green hydrangea along with pink blooms designed in a glass square vase.
​Glass vase arrangement with orange roses, lilies, gerbera daisies and a variety of foliage.
Exquisite array of oriental lilies, phalaenopsis, orchids, and roses.

Peach and Cream - $125.00

Color Harmony - $125.00

Vase arrangement designed with hydrangea, lilies, roses, curly willow, and a variety of foliage.

Country Field - $125.00

Voluminous white - $199.00

Florist in Wellington FL

Glass vase arrangement with sunflowers, gerbera daisies and hydrangea designed cylinder vase.
Hydrangea along with fragrant oriental lilies and peonies are accented with dendrobium orchids

Miniature Purple Orchid - $149.00

The staff of Nature's Bouquet is diverse in its talent and united in its passion and creativity.  From our daily flower deliveries in Wellington (and all of Palm Beach County) and custom events, to our residential and corporate floral installations, our approach is to understand the client's vision and infuse our artistic expertise to design beautiful floral creations that hit the mark every time.  

Beginning our 20th year serving in Wellington, our aim with each client has always been and will always be to ensure that we meet and exceed your expectations so that when somebody asks you "Do you know a great florist in Wellington?" your immediate inclination is to say "Nature's Bouquet Florist".

Bright & Colorful - $150.00

Vase arrangement designed with magnificent two dozen long stem red roses.
White hydrangea, vibrant sunflowers and snapdragon are designed in this traditional style vase arrangement. Orange toned roses and seeded eucalyptus are added as finishing touches.
6 inch square vase arrangement with 6 sunflowers

Pink Abundance - $115.00

Beautiful You - $124.50

Phenomenon - $325.00

Beautiful vase arrangement designed with one dozen 70 cm red roses in a utility glass vase with filler flower and a variety of foliage.

Two Double Stemmed Phalaenopsis Orchid Plant.  -$225.00

Lush white hydrangea with peach roses, designed in a glass vase filled with crystal accents at the base.

Single Stemmed Orchid

- $74.50

Bird of paradise, Rose, Lily, Hypericum Berry, Bells of Ireland​ - $85

A dozen of astonishing yellow roses with pink wax and bear grass designed in a beautiful, long glass vase.

​​Your Local Florist for unique beautiful floral arrangements. Same-day Delivery. Beautiful Fresh Cut Flowers. Wellington, West Palm Beach, Royal Palm Beach, Lake Worth, Loxahatchee, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach and all of Palm Beach.  

Multi colored, beautiful arrangement
Lilies, roses, fragrant stock and hydrangea with accents of curly willow branches make up this lush arrangement that is designed in a clear glass square vase.
Multi Stemmed Phalaenopsis Orchid Plant.

Première Impression - $124.90

Amaryllis Planter
Lilies, larkspur, button mums, solidago and roses are just a few of the flowers you will find in this arrangement that mimics what you would see strolling through a field of wild flowers.
Nature's Bouquet Florist  also serves, Wellington Regional Medical Center, Palms West Hospital, Palms West Funeral Home, Nuvista rehabilitation Center and South Florida National Cemetery.

Fascination - $175.00

Nature's Bouquet Florist Wellington Florida

What makes Nature's Bouquet Florist Unique

Looking for a "florist in Wellington Florida" ? You are at the right place. Sending flowers to somebody is something very personal. We are here to help with that connection. We listen our clients very carefully before making an arrangement. We listen and understand. And that manifests in our floral designs for the message. A message that comes from the heart of our customers. And Nature's Bouquet Florist always honor that in our designs. 

Single stemmed white orchid with moss and bamboo trimmings
​10 inch potted red poinsettia plant with decorative bow. Christmas poinsettia's natural red and green palette makes it right for this holiday. Poinsettia plant will bring the joy of the season to those close to your heart. This is a great gift for the party host, and adds warmth and charm to your own holiday home.​
Bright, colorful display of beautiful blooms including fragrant oriental lilies, gerbera daisies and roses. Tropical birds of paradise complete the look.
Bells of Ireland, orange lilies, brown mums, orange gerbera, yellow roses, red hanging amaranthus, touches of oak leaves.

Amour Eternel - $125.00

Lullaby  -$125.00

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Orange Roses, Lilies, Gerbera Daisies - $199.50 


You can call us to place an order, free consultation or for Customer Service. We would also love to welcome you here in our studio in Wellington. 

Vase arrangement designed with birds of paradise, roses, lilies, hypericum berries, bells or Ireland, and a variety of foliage.
Double Phaleonopsis orchid planter designed in a specialty container accented with ivy, curly willow, and moss.
Another design to impress
Colorful combination of hydrangea, roses, fragrant stock accented with touches of purple designed in a 6inch square glass vase.

Pink & Green - $150.00

It All Begins With A Vision

Our approach with every design and service, is to understand your vision and infuse our artistic expertise to design creations that hit the mark every time.


Red Fantasy- One Dozen Red Roses - $124.50

Fragrant white oriental lilies with bright orange gerber daisies accented with peach roses.

Multi Stemmed Phalaenopsis Orchid Plant.​-  $450

Red Poinsettia Plant with Decorative Bow  -$59.00

Magnificent array of high end blooms. Hybrid delphinium, fragrant oriental lilies and roses are surrounded by vibrant ranunculus and crisp, white phalaenopsis orchid stems.​
Beautiful and lush hydrangea along with gerbera daisies, roses, fragrant oriental lilies and stock flower are designed ın a 6" square vase. Accents of wax flower and lemon leaf finish the look.

Some of our floral designs. You can see more designs with different flowers on other pages.

Vase arrangement designed in a cylinder vase with sunflowers, snapdragons, hydrangea, curly willow, and a variety of foliage.

Juste Pour Toi - $150.00

Weekly Flower Delivery, Wellington and All of Palm Beach

Deliveries like clockwork. Fresh beautiful flowers and plants are a simple addition that will result in big returns— brighten your office space on a weekly basis. Whether you need a consistent primary piece delivered each week, or would like an floral arrangement of regularly changing seasonal blooms, we will consider your company’s environment and preferences to ensure your complete satisfaction, week after week. 

Sunflower Topiary - $99​

Lush hydrangea along with colorful tulips and daffodils designed in a glass vase.