NB-CS-CTT49-11 Casket Spray  -$195.00

NB-CS-CTT53-11 Casket Spray  -$150.00

NB-CS-CTT43-11 Casket Spray -$195.00

NB-CS-CTT11-11 Casket Spray -$165.00

NB-CS-CTT69-11 Casket Spray  -$190.00


NB-CS-CTT23-11 Casket Spray -$160.00

NB-CS-CTT33-11 Bible Casket Spray $260.00

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NB-CS-CTT19-11 Casket Spray $300.00
NB-CS-CTT23-11 Casket Spray $160.00

NB-CS-CTT70-11 Casket Spray  -$300.00

NB-CS-CTT74-12 Casket Spray $170.00
NB-CS-CTT49-11 Casket Spray $195.00

NB-CS-CTT85-11 Casket Spray -$200.00

NB-CS-CTT69-11 Casket Spray $190.00
NB-CS-CTT27-11 Casket Spray $130.00
NB-CS-CTT41-11 Casket Spray $140.00
NB-CS-CTT43-11 Casket Spray $195.00
NB-CS-CTT85-11 Casket Spray $200.00

NB-CS-CTT19-11 Casket Spray -$300.00

NB-CS-CTT74-12 Casket Spray  -$170.00

NB-CS-CTT53-11 Casket Spray $150.00

NB_TF194-1 - $250.00

NB-CS-CTT33-11 Bible Casket Spray -$260.00

NB-CS-CTT70-11 Casket Spray $300.00

NB-CS-CTT41-11 Casket Spray -$140.00

NB-CS-CTT27-11 Casket Spray -$130.00

When a loved one dies, casket sprays are a beautiful way to honor them. Casket sprays are the central flower arrangement and create a beautiful tribute to the deceased. Casket sprays are placed directly on top of the casket, and come in a different sizes.Most of them are either full casket or half casket. Full casket sprays are suitable for closed casket funeral services, and half caskets sprays are usually used for open casket services. Casket spray is usually placed over the closed portion of the casket. 

Funeral casket sprays most of the time are sent by the parent or spouse or close family member of the person that has passed away. If you are the person making getting this arrangement to be sent, you will prefer the best flowers and arrangements for your loved one. And Nature’s Bouquet Florist has the experience and the talent to create beautiful casket sprays.

In regarding choosing the right flowers for the casket spray, carnations and roses are the most typical ones. Gerbera daisies, tulips, snapdragons, orchids, gladiolas, lilies, and chrysanthemums are also other types of flowers used in casket sprays. A single type of flower can also be used to create a beautiful casket spray. Regarding choosing colors for casket sprays for funerals, gender of the deceased should be taken into consideration. For example, white, red or yellow flowers is convenient for casket sprays for men. For women, pink and purple flowers are are good options.

You can trust in Nature’s Bouquet Florist ability to prepare beautiful and stunning casket sprays.

NB-CS-CTT3-11 Casket Spray -$290.00

NB-CS-CTT3-11 Casket Spray $290.00
NB-CS-CTT11-11 Casket Spray $165.00